Friday, 20 March 2015

navratri special 2015

Tomorrow navratri  is started.For hindu's these are very special days.These days are with full of energy and enthusiasm.On this day special puja will be organised in home so that positive vibrations will flow in home and make our life happy and bring all good things in our life.In some people houses's puja will be done by pandit g where as some will done it by themselves.On these days nature is also looks very pleasant.

1st on 21-03-2015    Saturday
2nd and 3rd on 22-03-2015   Sunday
4th on 23-03-2025 Monday
5th on 24-04-2015 Tuesday
6th on 25-05-2015 Wednesday
7th on 26-05-2015 Thursday
8th on 27-05-2015 Friday

some peoples do fasting for 7 days and some will do fasting for 14 days.Those who did fasting for seven days will open their fast on astmi(special day).Those who did fasting for 14 days will open on chaudas(a day before purnima).In many temples on these two days mela will be held.Every house will have thier own way how to keep fast and how puja will be done.These are coming from one generation to another in the form of customs made by our ancestors. N

on the first day first bath is taken.After that mandir will be cleaned up by ganga jal .All idols of god will be taken bath.After that new clothes will be put on maa durga .In a clean vessel wheat seeds will be planted and will be closed by putting some wet clothes on it.After some days plants will be grow up that will symbolize prosperity that will come in our home.Then durga chalisa will be read and put tikka on maa durga and also on our forehead. then put red colour thread called roli on our hand.Offer some flowers on maa durga

fasting will be done in any way as u like and feel comfortable.some people will take salted food only once in a day while if u are uncomfortable then u will take salt according to your health .Main aim of fasting is that u take only simple food without species so that good thoughts will come in your mind.On these days falahar will be take in which include kutu ka aata,samak ke chawal,potato,milk,dry fruits,sabodana,fruits etc.Don't forget to offer food before taken by urself.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

experience of married life

Every girl have dreams when she enter in her new life.She want a happy and a life with full of love.She want a husband whom she dreams since childhood and a family who cares for her and make her happy and special in every moment of life.She want that her father would be like her father and her mother in law would be like her mother.But unfortunately these are all dreams and dreams will come to true only for some persons.Dreams can never be say dreams if they come true.Every girl face many problems when she enter in her own new life because now she is no more a loving daughter of their parent which was treated like a princess now she is a daughter in law,sister in law.Every responsibility would be supposed to be done by only new member.She has to be get up early in the morning and all the household works to be done on time.She has to take her meal only after meal taken by all family member.This is not a end if something wrong would done by her by mistake she is misunderstand like a culprit.She has to bring all things from her parents because in laws does not want to spend any extra money for her so she  has to put an end on extra purchasing and buy only main main things.Relation should be go smother if both will make efforts.Misunderstanding would create if all are supposed to be done by only one side.